Our Sires

In order to produce high quality litters of puppies that have the potential to achieve great things we are very selective in the stud dog. These beautiful dogs shown below have the drive and look we aim to replicate. Our females (while not titled) have wonderful personalities and the natural desire to retrieve and please. With a pond on our property we have a great place for them to swim and fetch on land and water.


Black Majick’s Lily on the Ashley

Ree x River litter was whelped Nov 18, 2018. They had five puppies, 3 females and 2 males. All doing great! Remy came from this litter.

River is a gorgeous dog from Charleston, SC owned by Tricia McKenzie.


OFA Certifications



The first Buck x Ree breeding was whelped on Dec 1, 2019 resulting in 6 puppies. Two females and four males.

The second Buck x Ree breeding whelped on Dec 3, 2020 and resulted in 7 puppies. 4 females and 3 males.

Buck is a powerhouse retriever in the field and is co-owned by Blaine Tarnecki and Ken Sellers. He lives in Georgia.


OFA Certifications


ATPR Fetching Feathers Jake

Jake is a true working dog. He’s constantly in the field with his owner Lisa McDonald and always impresses with his retrieves. He has retrieved Canadas, Specks, Snows, Puddle Ducks, Diver Ducks & Crane. He points, flushes and retrieves quail and pheasants.

The Jake x Remy litter was whelped on Sept 27th 2021 and resulted in 6 puppies, 3 males and 3 females.

OFA Certifcations