How it all began….

Legacy’s Dove

Family Tradition

In the 1900’s, L.W. “Whit” Boykin (1861-1932), known to the family as Papa Whit, using selective breeding and a little luck developed the breed known as the Boykin Spaniel. Now the state dog of South Carolina! The Boykin is known for their wonderful personalities, natural hunting ability to flush and retrieve and being small enough not to “rock the boat” they are truly the perfect family companion.

My name is Audra Boykin and I married Chris in 2006 and first learned about these special dogs. We live in Marion, North Carolina (about 30 minutes East of Asheville for reference). Chris grew up with Boykins and we added our first girl Dixie to the family in 2007. She passed in March 2022 at 15 years old. We added Ree to the crew in 2016, she came from Show-Me Boykins out of Charlotte, NC. We knew we wanted to continue the legacy of Chris’ family by preserving the breed and breeding these beautiful dogs.

Chris’ grandfather, Baynard Boykin is the grandson of Whit Boykin. Married to Tillie they resided in South Carolina near the town of Boykin. They were founding members of the Boykin Spaniel Society and raised many litters together.

When Ree turned 2 we completed all the health and DNA requirements as outlined by the BSS and became Silver Level Preferred Breeders in 2018.

Now we have four beautiful Boykins! Ree had her first litter of pups in November 2018 and we kept from that litter Remy. Remy is three and her sire is River from Charleston, SC. Remy had a litter in 2021 with Jake from Lisa McDonald. We added Retta to our home in July 2020. She is from Palmetto Boykins in South Carolina and from the Maggie x Finn breeding. Ree whelped her last litter in April 2022 and we added Legacy’s Dove (Ree x Indy) to our family.

Baynard & Tillie with other founders in 1986

Photos taken from this book “The Boykin Spaniel”
Silver Level Preferred Breeders

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